Jonquel Jones Leads the Surge for the Liberty: ‘We had to get our lick back’

Jonquel Jones Leads the Surge for the Liberty: ‘We had to get our lick back’

By John "Woods" Armwood III

After an underwhelming performances in previous matchups against the Minnesota Lynx (14-5), the former MVP and recently announced All-Star Jonquel Jones led the surge for the New York Liberty (17-3). Despite her lackluster efforts previously, Jones recorded a double-double (21 points and 12 rebounds) helping the Liberty over the hump in a hard fought game. The Liberty managed to defeat the Lynx on their home court, 76-67

“I felt like they did a good job against me in the last two match-ups,” Jones states in the post-game presser. “But just staying aggressive no matter what, I  think that was the biggest thing. Understanding that there's different spots where I can kind of affect the game offensively and intensively, and then just getting back to myself in terms of rebounding and just like attacking the glass.”




The New York Liberty’s X-Factor

Tuesday night, many may not recognize that the determining factor of the game came directly from the energy of the building. In another sold-out effort, the Barclays center was ecstatic throughout the night and played a big part into the team’s success. There wre moments in the game where both teams appeared to be stagnant and was desperate need of momentum. The Liberty continued to grit this game out and find success in rebounding and being aggressive at the rim. That said, 

“They’re everything right [the crowd], if the game isn’t going our way,” Liberty guard Leonie Fiebich states. “There were moments in the game we didn’t execute on the offensive and defensive end and they were just there. Any positive, they can turn into a big thing so they really help us.”




Throughout the season, the Liberty fans have been a vital piece to their success and the team reminds them how significant and important they are. Based upon last game, the fans are a real weapon for the Liberty and make it extremely difficult to win at the Barclays, which explains why they’re 10-1 at home. 

Hidden Meaning of This Game

There’s no secret that this game was personal for the Liberty, ultimately being beat beaten by them twice in the previous matchups. The Lynx length and size make it difficult for any team to be successful, however the Liberty struggled predominatly because they couldn’t gather any momentum. Despite the various defensive looks the Lynx conjured up, the Liberty continued to stay aggressive and being effective in all facets of the game. Especially, when the Liberty team didn’t per se shoot well, the perseverance through this win, should put the league and many opposing teams on the look out.

It says a lot about our team, if the game is pretty or ugly we’re going grind it out and do whatever we can to secure a win,” Liberty star forward Breanna Stewart. Like Sandy said, ‘Control the controllables,’ and I think something that we continue to learn from is how important home advantage is. We really like trying to make sure that it’s difficult for teams to come in here and try to beat us.”


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